The Real Mystique

The Real Mystique


My name is Nikki, and I am 29 years old. I have always been into artsy-type things since I was young. I was in an art class when I was 10 as well as the standard extracurricular art classes in school where I got to play in a lot of mediums like drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. I have always enjoyed it but never found the niche in art that I truly love. I am not one to just sit and draw a picture. That is when this whole face painting thing started. In 2016 I remember I became Edward Scissorhands for Halloween and everyone was exclaiming about it. That’s when I thought maybe it could be more than just something I do at Halloween. Nevertheless, I kind of put it down until 2017 when the new Wonder Woman movie came out. I remember seeing Nikkietutotials do a comic-like cosplay of her, and I was like “that looks fun… I want to do that”. So I just did, and I posted it to Facebook. The next day everyone was asking me what snapchat filter I used in my picture which made me feel like, “hmm maybe I have a knack for this.” From there people started requesting characters, and I would do them and just post the pictures to my personal Facebook page. Not too long after I had many people requesting I start doing timelapse videos of the process. I was kind of nervous to start doing that, but also thought it would be fun so I started doing that and that was the birth of my Youtube channel. Since then, I have been in and out of posting videos, and just kind of doing it when I get the inspiration. About a month ago, George Takei Presents Facebook page shared one of my videos, which caused my Facebook followers to spike quite a bit (at least for me). During that whole situation I remembered the NYX FaceAwards. I thought there was literally no way in the world I would be selected but just entered one of my videos anyway to see what happened. Now here we are! It is totally insane and I am so completely thrilled to be in the Top 30.


FACE Awards 2018 NYX Professional Makeup "The Power of Makeup" Top 30
The Machinist - Top 20 FACE Awards 2018 NYX Professional Makeup
FACE Awards Top 12 "Icons" Challenge - NYX Professional Makeup
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