The Pinup Companion

The Pinup Companion


Hullo! My name is Rachel, a lifetime New Englander with a passion for stories. Ever since grade school, I've been fascinated with making my own stories, characters, and films. I would write scripts that starred my favorites barbie dolls and stuffed animals (look out, Spielberg, eh?). Over time I've taught myself all I could about film making, including costuming and makeup. One of the things that I love about makeup is the fact that you can COMPLETELY transform yourself into a different person, or even a different species. There's something wild about looking entirely different with just a handful of products. While I haven't been trained as a makeup artist, I try my hardest to push my boundaries and learn as much as I can, because it can be so powerful! The right makeup can make or break a character and I think that's so amazing. There is something magical about taking a made-up story in your head, and sharing it with the world, and I am so grateful that I got to do that in this competition, I've had the time of my life!


THE EXPERIMENT || The Power of Makeup Challenge || NYX Face Awards 2018 Top 30
Antique Automaton || NYX Face Awards 2018 Top 20 - "Machinist"
Joan of Arc - Molten Phoenix || "ICONS" NYX Face Awards Top 12
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