I’m just a small town girl from Scranton Pennsylvania with 5 cats names after Batman Characters. Seriously though, I have always had an interest in the arts of all mediums. Growing up with a mother that was an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director, and a father that was skilled with photography, I was bound to have a tad bit of creativity in my genes. I grew up wanting to be an artist of some sorts… an illustrator, a painter, a graphic designer (which I am now). But it was only a little less then 2 years ago (June 2016) when I discovered my love for makeup artistry. Makeup art has brought me such life, passion, self-confidence, new friends and an endless amount creative freedom. To share my love for makeup art and to be welcomed into this visionary community with open arms is a blessing.


NYX Face Awards 2018 Top 30 Challenge 1 - The Power Of Makeup SLWcrea8
NYX Face Awards Top 20 Challenge - Machinist - #TeamBatCats
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