Sarah In Wonderland

Sarah In Wonderland


My name is Sarah Marshall, I’m 24 years old and from Toronto, Ontario. I started watching YouTube videos when I was 12 years old, recreating makeup looks with the one eyeshadow palette my mom owned. After graduating university with a Bachelor’s degree in science, I finally made the decision to do something for myself; start a YouTube channel. I filmed and released my first YouTube video on Valentine’s Day 2017. It was single handedly the most terrifying and rewarding thing I have ever done. YouTube is a way for me to express myself in my favourite form of art, makeup. I decided to continue to challenge myself by entering the NYX Face Awards thinking it was a long shot, yet somehow here I am writing a biography for the Top 30 of the NYX Face Awards... thanks for the eyeshadow palette mom!


NYX FACE AWARDS 2018 TOP 30 | THE POWER OF MAKEUP | Sarah In Wonderland
NYX FACE AWARDS 2018 | TOP 20 | MACHINIST | Sarah In Wonderland
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