Paulie Sfx

Paulie Sfx


My name is Paul Jutras (a.k.a “Paulie” on social media), and I am 26 years old. I was born in Holyoke Massachusetts and was raised in New England for most of my life. At age 13 I decided entertainment was what I wanted to pursue with my life and quickly started doing theatrical productions. Getting involved in these productions quickly gave me opportunities to pursue theatrical makeup. I went to college for Theater Arts and there started working as a makeup assistant for a Production Company on campus. There I learned valuable techniques which helped me find my passion for makeup. After school, I moved to Boston, where I tried pursuing a professional career, but felt I should move to South Carolina to get my feet in the door of television and film makeup which was more prominent. There I began making connections and working as a freelance makeup artist for some production companies, and practicing doing makeup and body painting on myself as much as I could—posting them to my social media accounts. I’ve received a lot of support from my amazing followers and love being able to somehow inspire them with the work I create.


Lord of the GALAXY- The Power of Makeup tutorial | NYX Face Awards TOP 30 | by Paulie Sfx
HEAVY METAL MACHINIST makeup tutorial | NYX Face Awards TOP 20 | (2018)
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