Morphine Love Makeup

Morphine Love Makeup


So my passion for makeup started at 15, I just always had a huge interest in makeup since a child. Growing up in an extremely religious background, makeup and feminine things were not something I was allowed to like or obtain. So I always had to hide all my things that were feminine away from my parents and also hide in the bathroom with my moms makeup when experimenting with looks and all that. I used to love watching makeup tutorials on Youtube like Michelle Phan and Pixiwoo , and that’s how I learned most of my techniques and skills. I got so passionate about makeup and the art of it that I decided to start my own youtube channel and try to teach others my skills and techniques. Ever since I started taking my makeup journey serious, I got the opportunity to work so many amazing people like, Pitbull, Steven Marley, Yoventura and Yandell. Since I am also a dancer, I decided to mix both makeup and dancing, and that’s how I also started doing drag. And my audience ever since then grew even more. So I am so grateful to be a drag queen and a beauty blogger. At the moment my parents don’t know that I do drag and all that, they know I am a beauty blogger and they’re not so accepting of that. I am beyond honored to be in this competition because I have been wanting to be in it for so long, and winning would be the most amazing thing because I feel like I can be a role model for people who have to hide who they are from there family or loved ones. I want them to know that its okay to be different and that it will get better if they really push themselves and work really hard for what they want.


GODDESS OF MAKEUP | NYX Face Awards Top 30 Challenge 2018 Morphine Love Makeup
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