Lilliam Baez

Lilliam Baez


Born in Dominican Republic, the beautiful land of summer. Lover of art, nature and ice cream. I left my profession as an architect to follow my passion for makeup, because it's never too late for your dreams. I started working as a makeup artist in events and weddings with beauty makeup. Then I discovered the love for bodypaint, optical illusion and special effects. I enjoy sharing what I do in Social Media where I have met incredible and super talented artists and incredible people that always support my art. I think that every talent I have I will always try to put it the use of society. So, I am currently using my makeup as a mean to raise awareness about important issues that need special attention. I still have a lot to learn and to give!


The Power of Makeup NYX FACE Awards Top 30
"Rosie" Machinist Challenge Top 20 NYX FACE Awards 2018 (USA)
"The Butterflies" Top 12 NYX FACE Awards ICONS Challenge. Mirabal's Sisters.
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