Jaclyn Forbes

Jaclyn Forbes


Jaclyn Forbes grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Mesmerized with pop culture, magazines, and watching her favourite celebrities on TV, Jaclyn was fascinated with their red-carpet looks and makeup. When she was 13 years old, Jaclyn stumbled across a Lady Gaga makeup recreation tutorial. She quickly became obsessed with her new discovery of the online beauty community and began watching beauty gurus obsessively.

Despite owning one brown eyeshadow, a single red lipstick, and a tube of mascara, Jaclyn would creatively find ways to follow along these tutorials and transform into her favourite celebrities.

In 2014, once Jaclyn graduated high school, she decided to take a gap year and move to Toronto. She created a YouTube channel, and then, at 16, Jaclyn posted her first video. She continued posting content revolving around her passion for beauty.

During her gap year, she decided to pursue her passion and attend school for makeup. Once in school, she discovered her love for special effects and prosthetic makeup, many of which looks she documented on her channel.

The following year, Jaclyn went off to work as an assistant makeup artist on the children’s television series Odd Squad, where she got to execute theatrical character makeups for the show’s villains.

Throughout this, Jaclyn’s YouTube channel continued to grow and she was approached by the Canadian network Much Digital Studios. In addition to creating content for her social platforms, Jaclyn now works with MUCH and MTV Fora to host interviews and beauty related segments on with celebrities and the latest pop stars.

Through her love for sharing beauty tips, tutorials, and her experiences with her audience, Jaclyn takes her viewers throughout her life as a beauty vlogger. From facemask chats to gory special effects tutorials, her content shares a peek of her love for all things cosmetics.


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