Express Yourself Crystal

Express Yourself Crystal


I am a 40-some year old social worker for individuals with developmental disabilities and a mother of two who has always enjoyed playing with makeup. I taught myself how to do basic face painting about three years ago and use it frequently to relax and unwind. I do face painting at birthday parties, festivals, and charity events when my day job permits. Over the past year I have ventured into body painting and have discovered that I can transform myself with makeup into a pretty convincing dude and look like a few select celebrities. My family and friends encourage this strange habit of mine and although I have no idea what I am doing, I have fun doing it. I think we should all be comfortable in our own skin, but I admit I find it fun to try and be someone else every now and then. Sometimes the best part of makeup is the incredible reactions you get from others and the joy it brings them.


2018 NYX TOP 30 Challenge - The Power of Makeup
Steampunk Mona Lisa - NYX Face Awards 2018 Challenge 2 USA
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