Argenis Pinal

Argenis Pinal


Argenis Pinal was first inspired todo Makeup and an early age of 13 and began to freelance at age 19. With a background in Art, Portrait and comic Drawing made it easy for him to translate both arts as they both deal with lines, shading and use of color to create and image or illusion. Argenis continues his education in Makeup by attending workshops building his skill levels. He loves to be challenged as this helps him learn more and be a well rounded Artist. Starting as a Beauty Makeup Artist he now has taken his skills to a challenge and used makeup to transform models or him self into the illusion of comic characters. FX makeup is his new obsession. He has been attending workshops and slowly building his skills in this area. Completed his SFX Training from Hollywood Makeup labs 10/3/15. Argenis also holds a license in Cosmetology since 2011 where he holds the title of Makeup Specialist at Paul Mitchell The School Temecula wile assisting students in other areas in hair like, Cutting, Color, Mens Grooming and Hair Styling. Argenis loves teaching others his passion.


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