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Q&A with the 2018 Artist of the Year:
The Pinup Companion

What inspires you?

I'm mostly inspired by films that I've seen, but I draw inspiration from history as well! I can be in a huge "artist's block", but once I see a movie or a photograph or a piece of art that I admire, I'm immediately inspired and determined to make something of my own. I also draw inspiration from other artists and their creations, seeing how hard they work and the art they create always gets me out of my slump and gets me to work harder.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts, which I think attributed to my love of history. You can't go anywhere in Mass without a piece of history popping up and the stories that go along with it.

How long have you been doing makeup?

I've been doing makeup on and off since middle school. It mostly would be for my little 'movies' that I made, and more often than not involved me forcing my friends into a costume and the corresponding makeup. I started off with the usual blood and bruises to tell my stories correctly and make TRULY awful little horror movies, but then evolved into creating a more whole character using makeup. Cosplay also helped me dive deeper into that world, trying to change my face into someone else's. It hasn't been until more recently that I've been fascinated and in love with body painting and altering my appearance even further!

What made you want to enter the FACE Awards?

I've been watching the FACE Awards for a couple years now, but last year I was very active with my voting and keeping track of every round. I always admired the stories and characters that the contestants were making, and thought, "man, I'd love to do this too." I honestly entered and didn't expect to get in, but I knew that if I didn't try, I would regret it. And here we are!

What was your favorite part about being in LA?

I think my favorite part of LA was the FOOD. No, I'm kidding... kinda. I think my favorite part was the excitement of having a full day ahead of me, and having things planned for us. I loved being able to look at my day and think, "Hmmm, okay I'll have breakfast until here, walk around with my husband next, hang out with the other Top 6 girls after that, etc". It just felt like a huge sense of freedom that I'm not used to! My other favorite part was just getting to know the other amazing girls and becoming as close as we did. I miss them so much already.

What’s your greatest achievement so far?

Well I'd say my greatest achievement would have to be THIS! I was so worried about the final video and barely slept the night before, because I knew I had so many looks and that it would be a very hectic day. Even after the first look I had a wave of panic set over me, but I just sucked it up and kept applying, and somehow was able to get everything done in time. So I'd say I'm most proud of that. And the fact that I didn't completely freeze on stage from nervousness is a pretty big achievement, too, I think.

What’s one thing you learned?

One thing I learned in this whole process is that "it's gonna be okay." I was so worried and stressed about so many things that ended up being amazing and so, so rewarding. I learned to have a lot more confidence in myself and how I perform under pressure, which I think can carry over to a lot of different aspects of my life.

What went through your mind when you heard your name announced?

"WHAT." was my major reaction. I'm not even being 'humble' when I say that I was so prepared to give ANY of the other girls a huge hug for winning. For me, just making it to Top 6 was all the reward I could ever want, and had no expectations of winning, so I think I was in shock for a solid 15 seconds, followed by the 'ugly cry', hahaha.

What’s one thing you’re going to splurge on now that you’re the winner?

I don't think I'll actually splurge on anything, hehe. I plan to possibly pursue my YouTube career full-time for a few months and see if I can make that work. It's not often you get that chance and also have a bit of a financial cushion, so I feel like I need to just take a chance! I also would love to take a trip or two, maybe to Iceland or Paris!

What advice would you give to someone that wants to enter FACE Awards?

GO FOR IT. Seriously though, if I didn't enter, I would have missed out entirely on this chance, and I didn't even think I'd get in! Never doubt yourself, never compare yourself, you can do it! You have nothing to lose by just trying, so go for it!

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